2X Education charges a fee from all students of 60 USD for the 3 months training and the 3 months work attachment program.

We have some very motivated candidates who do not have the possibility to pay this amount. It is therefore highly appreciated that you consider to support them.Either you can support 50 % of the fee, with 30 USD. Or the whole of the fee with 60 USD. Alternatively on a monthly basis.

Statistically, 60 % of our sponsored, underprivileged students get a job after the completed program.

If you would like to have an update of the person you sponsored, please click here, and share your e-mail.

We will first select a sponsored student (1-3 months) + training (3 months) + work attachment (3 months). I.e. you will receive a single mail in about 6-9 months with the status, success or challenges of the student you sponsored.

Sponsorships: (Like products, i.e. visitors can select the number of each product. For example 4 x 60 USD)

60 USD, One-time payment = 100 % of a student fee.

30 USD, One-time payment = 50 % of a student fee. The student will have to fund the rest themselves.

10 USD per month, recurring payment = 100 % of a student fee every 6 months.

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